“Pack Man” Mountain Adventure with Greg Germscheid/ Becky Hull & Brothers

This is a raw version of what a pack trip would look like for a week, with Greg Germscheid. He is a Legend in the Rocky Mountains, If you talk to anyone who has ever gone riding in the Rocky Mountains, chances are, they have met my Dad Greg, sat around a Campfire and heard him grinning and picking all night long, he has mapped out their trail for the next day, or he has thrown a shoe on their horse that lost one. His mountaineer skills, geological explanations, fly fishing, ability to shoe and maintenance his horses, tie knots, track animals, hunt and keep you entertained are like NO other. This was a rare trip with my two brothers Jordan and Kenton, in the Willmore Wilderness Park in Alberta, Canada.

I was lucky enough to be raised by someone with so much drive to embrace the wild mountains of Alberta and learn some of his amazing skills that have taken a lifetime to master. His Tennessee Walking Horses are of the highest Caliber, and carried us effortlessly through the Jack-knife pass trial ( a 2000 ft descent in the Willmore Wilderness Park) , all decedents of his Stallion “Toddy’s Royal Image.” Consider yourself lucky if you have been touched by Greg’s contagious love for life in the wilderness, music, and horses, I know I do 🙂
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Wilmore Trip

A weeks trip to the Wilmore with a few friends, June 2010, Mark and Larry.
We had 7 horses, 1 mule covered about 200 km in some high mountain passes.

River Crossing