About Us

1923754_91363680894_7421078_nMagnolia Meadows presently has about 40 Tennessee Walking horses of all ages and levels of training. The choice of breed was a long process of picking the best pleasure horse for all purposes. “I’ve found Tennessee Walking horses have all other breeds beat for back country and pleasure riding. Their smoothness, toughness and well mannered tendencies make the job so much easier.

“I’ve ridden Quarter horses, Morgans, Part Draft, Arabs, Missouri Fox trotters, Mules, thoroughbreds, Andalusians and Grades and there is no better breed for me. Walkers have size, bone, sense, good feet, good temperament and a ride to die for. ” Of course, as our stallion is a Canadian Futurity Champion, many of his offspring are of superior show quality.

Maureen and Greg have been raising Tennessee Walking horses for 15 years. Their main aim is to produce horses that will work well for pleasure riding. Natural gait is a must. They have been mountain and wilderness riding for over 30 years. Greg is a certified Packing guide with CHA.

Much of the training is done on the farm. From imprinting to molding good manners in the barn, little is overlooked. The first step after many hours of ground work is to teach new horses to work in1929315_7370885894_7930_n harness. They drive these horses all winter and summer. As a result, they learn all the basics along with the respect and gentleness of the veteran horse. Greg does all his own Farrier work including corrective shoeing and adaptations for mountain and pleasure applications. All these horses understand therefore how to behave for the Farrier.

Raising good horses is a lot of hard work. It is no fluke that horses have good manners and turn out to be great companions. Starting with the right breed does however make the job easier. We believe we have some of the best Tennessee Walkers in Canada and the US.


Alberta from Brody Jones Cinema on Vimeo.